Saturday, April 30, 2011

Last Visible Sign of Steroids Gone....

I am so happy to see my smile lines on the sides of my mouth come back! My little chubby face is going away! All the visible traces of steroids are behind me now. I earned those lines. They give me character. I missed them. Now the person I see in the mirror is more like me. I am a happy lady. 
So done with the steroids last has taken 1 week to return to normal for me. Let's hope they have not done any inside damage. 
A new symptom has taken control though. My right foot went numb over the past weekend. I started walking with a friend early in the week, the evening of the second day of our walk I had severe leg and foot cramps in both legs and feet that evening. It has left me with tightened muscles in leg and upon walking I now have a bit of a limp which will not leave. When telling the doc in April when I had a checkup that I was starting to get severe muscle spasms again he cut me short and said he was not concerned about that. He offered no help but to send me for PT 2x a week which actually tires me out and causes cramping in feet. Time maybe to fire him. Does anyone out there know of a good, reputable doc in the Pittsburgh area who handles MS cases? If you do please leave his name in the comment section. I have begun looking, not just for this reason but for several other reasons which are being made clear to me that it is time to move on. A person under a doctors care for 27 years should not have to endure such things when there are other meds available. I am doing all natural remedies but at times you just need something to get inside of you strong enough to get you past the pain. There is no need for undue suffering in my opinion. But, what do I know? I am not a doctor, but I do know MS since it has lived with me for 27 years. And I do know he could have handled the situation a bit better and perhaps I would not be in this shape right now. 
Happy Weekend Everyone......

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  1. Your post I can easily recognized that you are very much affected by the usage of the steroids and also the traces of steroids are behind you now and they are totally visible. But these had make you perfect lady.