Friday, April 29, 2011


A very good link  (CLICK ON IT ) I came across this article today. If you do have MS or know of someone who does this may help you. As you know I am an advocate for using healthy eating and supplements to aid any type of illness which attacks our bodies. But we must make sure we do not exceed what our bodies require as then we could cause damage. Please seek a nutritionist if you are planning to use supplements along with your medication. I maintained a remission for nearly 19 years by using my healthy eating habits and supplements. Other health conditions which came to visit me over the years have played some roll in having my MS come out of remission along with stress of all sorts in life. But I haven't given up that foods and vitamins can heal our bodies. And oh yes, prayer works wonders also. Prayer brings a peace to you which is a great stress reliever. 
My moto is "if you don't move it, you loose it". So I push to keep moving, but I also have learned how to give in to when the little voice inside my head says "rest, you are allowed to rest". Guilt in resting too much is something I have had to deal with since my MS has come out of the remission. Sometimes people make me feel guilty about resting. But then I need to tell myself.....I am the only one who controls how I feel....not others....I am the one who makes myself feel guilty. Don't battle with when you need to. Then you will have some sort of energy to do what you want, or at least what you are able to do. If we listen to our bodies it can help us. 
Fatigue is our bodies telling us to stop and recharge. Don't push fatigue.....I have done this and it only makes you feel worse.
Enjoy your weekend!


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