Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Walking made me remember this home remedy ...(recipe for oil for spasms)

So 5 days into no tiny, tiny pills.....weight dropped significantly...old body is coming back to live with me.....funny how such tiny pills can blow your body up and let you feel uncomfortable in your own skin. POISON.....I hope to not need to take this road again anytime soon. Steroids are very hard on your body.  Vision is still blurry on and off, but no pain in eye. Other MS symptoms still reek havoc on my body on a daily basis. Just a constant reminder to me that I need to kick it's butt. 
I started walking with a friend yesterday. Haven't done much walking in 7 months let alone to do it for exercise. To think I was once a runner, body builder and an avid exercise buff. I dream of these days coming back to me again. I refuse to get rid of my exercise equipment in my, eliptical, pilates machine, pilates bar and my all time fav "torso track" the best ab machine I ever tried. If I sell these I am giving up on what I am all about. I look at them with hope for my future. Anyhow back to walking.....we took the dogs for a walk or should I say the dogs took us walking. I huffed & puffed my way but I did it. Returned home and collapsed after a good meal and then the pain set in. The worst symptom of my MS for many years has been horrible muscle spasms which are like a giant charley horse in every muscle from your calf down through your foot which actually happens all at once pulling each muscle away from the bone and you can see the individual muscles take shape and tighten up. They have a mind of their own and all the screaming, crying in the world will not help. It is painful. It does help to be able to stand on your foot and try to make it lie flat on the floor but the trick is getting yourself to a standing position. They are paralyzing. They leave you unable to move at all no matter how hard you try. Crying does help. I have had full grown 200 pound men turn into wimpy, scared, panicked people when this happens with them around. They feel helpless to me and no man wishes to not be able to help their lady.  But the spasms are so painful and obvious that you can not hide them. I have had full grown men cry along with me. So this walking  thing, which I wish to continue doing because my muscles in arms and legs have lost a lot of strength in the past 7 months, is going to become a priority right now for me. 
Upon getting the spasms I remembered an oil I learned to make 27 years ago to help. I always had a jar on hand. Now I will start making it once again. Here is the recipe if any of you wish to make it. It is not only good for MS but any type of muscle soreness. 

  • fill jar 3/4 full with extra virgin olive oil
  • add dried chamomile, thyme,yarrow, sheperd's purse,St John's wort and sage
  • place in sun (indoors is best on a table which gets sun) 
  • once each day invert the jar so that herbs mix with the oil
  • sit upright once again
  • do this for 14 days so that the herbs infuse with the oil. 
  • rub on sore or spasm area
  • this will help immensely, but you may smell like a pizza for a bit!
So today I go to my cupboard and see what all I have and make a list of the herbs not on hand and I order some online from a herb shop. This oil will keep for many years.Do not refrigerate, leave it sit on your shelf in the bathroom or on your night stand. The longer it is around the better it becomes. Do not remove the herbs, they settle to the bottom so they will not interfere with what you use. A mason jar works the best. Preferably the smaller ones used for jelly as they have a wide neck and you can just put your hand in and get what you need. Make a batch today....even if you don't have MS...I am sure most of you get sore muscles or cramps once in a while.

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